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SIA KasunK.Studija

The Company

In the year 2005 an informal association was formed with the purpose to establish a company that could provide a complete set of services for the implementation of a technologically advanced complex construction plan that fits in the previously defined quality and term;  

The limited liability company KasunK.Studija was founded in the year 2007; building merchant’s registration card no. 5950-R; in February, 2009 KasunK.Studija Ltd. joined the constructor’s bureau a222;


Constructer’s bureau

The team of a222 consists of focused and highly qualified engineers whose perception of the building process in general and the specific professional knowledge guarantee optimal solutions to assignments of a particular project while not exceeding the given budget and term; those are the people who have the experience that they have been building up for a whole decade and is based on different projects of many ten thousand square meters area.



The experience and knowledge of Constructer’s bureau a222 allows them to solve the given engineering problem accordingly to the previously developed definitions while fitting a definite budget and terms; the main services of the constructer’s bureau are projection of building structures and optimization as well as  development of design drafts and projection of construction elements; we work in an AutoCAD and Revit environment, use Lira, MonoMach etc. as our calculus software, however despite the tools we use, the guarantee of quality of the engineering solution is individual and a structured approach to every single assignment at the same time.


Over the last few years technical project documentation of a big amount of residential and public structures was developed with the guidance of our specialists, the producing process was prepared and started in ferroconcrete factories of Liepaja and Daugavpils, the project documentation of producing ferroconcrete components and elements for the company Consolis Group was developed, many objects developed in the previous years can be seen;



Our recent collaboration partners and clients have mostly been Latvian architects and developers, as well as entrepreneurs from the Baltic regions; currently our technical capability and projection capacity have surpassed the demand of the local market and we are looking for new collaboration partners in European countries such as Ukraine and Russia;

We would like to offer you the services of our construction bureau; we consider that our will to acquire new experience and to integrate our own experience into new segments of the market may be a successful base for a collaboration; if you are interested in our proposal, we will gladly prepare a detailed presentation that would reflect the philosophy behind our work, the used projecting and quality managing methodology as well as the proportion of production costs and size and quality.